Minneapolis Social Media Management & Consulting

Is Social Media Managing You? 

It's hard to keep up with all things social media. The world of social media is hard to keep up with.  From which outlets are trending to what to post, it can be hard for any business owner to keep up and make social media worth their while.  That's where we come in.  We can keep you informed as to which social medial channel work best for your ideal clients and keep your social media accounts from managing you. 

Social Media Management

You're busy running your business.  But to keep your success going, you need to keep up with the times.  Danielle Allen Communications provides monthly social media management packages which can help you stay on track without losing your mind.  Our monthly  packages include an initial consult to identify your ideal client, content marketing basics when it comes to social media, and what kind of content you want to focus on. 

Once we've had an initial start up meeting, we do the heavy lifting for you.  We'll get to work with planning your first month of social media posts, identify the ideal social media outlets for you, and get to work posting and planning for a social media strategy that builds community around your brand. 

Social Media consulting 

Not quite ready for someone else to do your posting, but need a push in the right direction?  Danielle Allen Communications offers Minneapolis social media consulting.  We partner with you to find your ideal social media space and develop a strategy that you and your team can run with on your own.  Each strategy session includes an initial assessment of what's currently working, your ideal client demographics, and the type of posts you would like to start posting.  At the end of our strategy session, you will have a plan to run on that includes one month of planned posts plus a worksheet template to keep using for social media planning.