Three Keys to Enhancing Your Website

We work hard on our websites.  We develop the right content.  We add great images.  We have clever slogans and cool buttons to entice.  And yet, we have few visitors and even fewer visitors who click through, become subscribers, or eventual customers. 

As someone whose been developing her own website for years, I've gone through many tweaks, revisions, even slight word changes.  In essence, I've perfected what I have to no avail. 

So what are we doing wrong?  And what are the best ways to build a great website that attracts new visitors and turns them into loyal customers?  

Do you know that there is a science behind all this website stuff?  There are reasons people don't click through and become loyal customers.  In our culture of social media and instant connection, studies have shown that your average visitor will only stay on your page for 20 seconds.  Twenty seconds.  That's it.  

Copywriting Services

Copywriting Services

What does that mean for those of us who are developing great content to sell our business and gain customers?  Most visitors will look at your photo, skim your content, and look for what's interesting to them.  

And that fact should change the way you and I present our business and content.  We need to see our website through the lens of the consumer.  Our tendency is to want to create content that tells our whole story - that gives that visitor the entire picture of who we are and how we are an expert.  But your average visitor wants to know what's in it for them and quickly. 

Here are three easy tweaks that help you enhance your website: 

1. Keep it Simple:  Identify one thing you want your potential customer to do from your web page.  Do you want them to make an appointment?  Buy your product?  Ask for more information?  Be clear on what you are trying to accomplish with your web page and stick to it.  Make sure you issue a call to action at the end of each page.  A simple call to action can be a button to click on "Find Out More" or "Contact Me For An Appointment Today".  Make sure you are clear and simple.  You won't sell your whole product line from your website - so don't even try. 

2. Customer Focused Content: Many of us make the mistake of trying to tell our whole story and launching into what we can do for our potential customer towards the end of our intro.  We want to explain how we got into this business, our educational and professional experience, and what makes us an expert.  These are all great, but with only 20 seconds to pull them in you need to get concise.   Your personal info is important as it makes you real and relatable.  But getting straight to how you can help your potential customer can keep them engaged and clicking through.  Consider keeping some information for your brochure or your office visit. 

3. Graphics Make a Difference: Make sure your graphics enhance the readability of your website.  The easier your page is to read the longer your visitors will stay.  Get rid of colored backgrounds (dark backgrounds with white typing have been proven to be harder to read).  Plan on using a white background with darker type.  Choose images that relate to your content.   And only use a max of 2 different font types. 

These are simple tweaks that anyone can make in a matter of minutes.  They can make a big difference in how visitors see and engage with your site.  

Do you feel like you website needs more than a few simple tweaks?  Contact me for a website audit today including my 30 point checklist on what works in attracting visitors, turning visitors into loyal customers, and taking your business to the next level.