Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Copywriter

I've been a writer for a long time.  But when I started my copywriting business, I had a lot of explaining to do.  Most of my friends and family wondered what is a copywriter and are you making this up?  

For those in marketing and writing, you know exactly what a copywriter does.  According to Bob Bly is his book The Copywriter's Handbook, copywriters are salesmen and women behind a typewriter.   They write anything from those pesky postcards that come in your mailbox urging to buy the latest "thing" to website content to e-mail sales letter that you get when subscribing to a great new website with a great product. 

For those in business, the tricky questions when do I do all that "stuff" myself and when do I hire it out.  For those solo entrepreneurs or smaller businesses, it can be hard to do it all.  And to be honest, a good copywriter can make the difference in sales and business growth by using the write content and getting your name out there. 

Copywriters aren't just writers.  Most copywriters are trained in content marketing strategy.  They know how to research which words to use on your website to help your customers find you and appear on the first page of Google searches.  They know the science behind what keeps a prospect on your website or in your e-mail chain longer.  

Danielle Allen Communications and Copywriter

Danielle Allen Communications and Copywriter

And sometimes, as someone running their own business, you may need a little help in this area.  So when is it time to look for a great copywriter? 

1. You've run out of marketing ideas: It's time to hire a copywriter when you've run out of marketing know-how.  Some of marketing in intuitive.  Contact your prospects.  Follow up with an offer of your services.  Put yourself out there.  But what if your efforts aren't paying off?  Many copywriters focus on a specialty like websites, e-mails, or sales letter, but almost everyone of them will well-versed in different content marketing strategies that can propel your business to the next level.  Start with an initial assessment or consultation to get the best ideas of your next steps and ideas for making your brand a success. 

2. You've run out of time: For any busy professional, time is money.  And, let's admit it, writing great content that motivates your prospects to become paying customers is time consuming.  And while you may be able to do this in house, what else could you be spending your time doing?  A copywriter can help you save time and streamline your communication process. 

3. You've run out of words: Many small business owners are passionate about their specialty.  But when it comes to the words and strategies that create customers out of window shoppers, we may not know which content and strategy to use to close the deal.  A great copywriter can take your voice and create content you will love and pulls in your potential customers.  

Whether you are just starting out in business or are a seasoned professional, a copywriter is a great resource to have for that last minute project or that next sales campaign.  Develop that relationship now, and you'll be prepared for your next project down the road.