The Top Five Resources to Craft Your Online Marketing Strategy

As any small business owner knows, navigating the world of online marketing can be overwhelming, confusing, and time sucking before you know it. 

Where do you start with digital marketing?  How much is too much time spent on social media?  What is the best platform to start with?  

There's a ton of information out there, but where do I get started?  While there is a plethora of info "out there", what are the best resources for the small business owner. 

Website Design Tips

One of my fave websites in website design for Wordpress is WP for Beginners.  This is my go-to website when I'm designing in Wordpress.  The website features quick video tutorials on how to do all things in Word Press.  I've loved this quick and easy tool so if you've built your website on Wordpress be sure to visit and sign up for their newsletter.

Online Strategy

If you're anything like me, the whole things seems a little overwhelming.  When to post.  How to draw visitors to your website.  How to engage your visitors.  I've always said if I can come up with a strategy, then I can run with it and just relax a little with the process.  One of my fave websites is Digital Marketer.  They have great blogs and other downloadable content from building a content marketing funnel (read strategy) to free downloadable templates, and online courses.  I've learned so much just following them and learning from them. 

My second go-to is Michael Hyatt.  Michael specialized in building an online platform and blog posts on goal setting, being more productive, and building an on-line audience. He has downloadable content as well.  But also features Platform University which has helped me understand the big picture of building a platform.  

Paid Traffic Podcast

To pay or not to pay.  Paid traffic is anything from buying ads on social media to Google Ad Words.  Either way, there's a lot to learn in the world or paid traffic so if this is your next step, check out my two favorite podcasts. 

The Perpetual Traffic Podcast.  Produced by Digital Marketer, this podcast is a virtual goldmine of info on paid ads/traffic.  Hosted by three top digital marketers themselves, episodes range from what is paid traffic to how to launch a social media campaign to updates on advertising on social media spaces.  The hosts are smart, funny, and know their stuff. 

The Amy Porterfield Podcast.   Amy Porterfield, if you've never run across her, is a leading go-to person in Facebook marketing.  I just heard her speak at a conference, and she has great insight into marketing your business online, social media posting, and more.  Podcast episodes range from how to use Facebook live, tools for your business and more.  She runs many of her campaigns through webinars and e-courses so if you're looking into this for your own business, she's a great resource. 

This is not a complete list by any means.  These are all resources I love and have helped me grow by businesses and help clients grow theirs too.  

I'd love to hear about your favorite resource for the online marketing world.