The 3 Mistakes You're Making on Your About Me Page

When writing content for websites, one of the most challenging pages is your about me page. What should you talk about?  How can you make it more interactive?  

If you struggle with this problem, you're not alone.  Your about page can be a great way to further engage website visitors and turn them into future clients. 

But often, as small business owners, this is the place we get stuck.  Because we're human, we like talking about ourselves.  Our credentials.  Our interests.  And we forget to talk about ourselves in a way that helps our potential clients know how we can help them.  

As I work with clients on their website, there are some common mistakes every small business owner makes when it comes to about me pages. 

Your About Me Page Reads Like a Resume

Regardless of the type of business you run, our temptation is to create an about me page that reads like our resume.  We tend to list our education, our experience in our field, and our products.  But in today's online market, consumers are looking for a connection.  What makes you special?  How do your personality combined with your experience uniquely  help your potential clients? 

Instead of writing resume type content, consider writing your own personal story and experience.  How did you become interested in your field?  How does your story intersect with your passion?  And how can your passion help them uniquely?  Consider weaving your credentials in with your story conversationally. 

Your About Me Page Is All About You

This one seems counter intuitive.  Isn't your about me page supposed to be all about you?  Well, yes and no.  While you want to display your personality and how you are uniquely positioned to help your potential clients, web writing is all about your clients.  

They need to see themselves working with you and being helped by you.  More often than not, your language when writing should use more "you" than "I".  Your about me should leave your website visitors wanting to learn more about you and your business.  

Consider sharing your story and your qualifications in a way that helps your potential client understand how you can help them with their pain point.  

Your About Me Page Has No Call To Action

The point of your about me page should point your website visitors to further action.  While your call to action can be as simple as a button urging visitors to find out more, the best about me pages take this one step further. 

Consider using your about me page to familiarize your visitors with how things work on their website.  What page should they visit next?  What are your most popular blog posts?  How can they get in touch with you?  Even how they can find you on social media.  

All of these will go a long way in helping you engage with website visitors, turn visitors into clients, and make sure you convert potential clients into brand evangelists.