The 3 Website Problems That Need Your Attention

When I first opened my business, I knew that a website was a must-do.  I needed something beautiful that communicated what I could offer as a business.  I set out to develop a website that customers liked to look at with content that explained who I was, and how I could help. 

But I made a lot of mistakes.  As I continued to dive into digital marketing training, I realized some very important things.  

A few fun facts about how your potential clients/website visitors read on the internet.

  • Most website visitors scan a website on their first visit.  They don't read cover to cover. 
  • Your website has 20 seconds before the average visitors makes a decision to engage further or leave your site. 
  • Your website visitor will visit your site 4 times before they are ready to purchase

So what does all this mean for those of us developing a website or revising the one we already have? 

We need to pay attention to the things that gain attention, keep driving people back to our websites, and keep them coming back for more. 


Most websites are unclear about what the company does and how they can benefit our potential clients.  In our efforts to be clever and sound cool, we lose our potential clients because they have no idea what our company does at first glance. 

So many websites have catchy slogans that mean nothing to the first time visitors.  With the knowledge that you and I only have 20 seconds to catch someone's attention, we need to get clear on the value we bring to our website visitors. 

In the copywriting world, being clear is better than being catchy.  Don't be afraid to just say, "WE SELL WIDGETS" until you come up with something more clever.  The clearer you can be, the more likely that your ideal clients will stay and engage on your site. 

Content That's Helpful

As I meet with potential entrepreneurs through my coaching business, and talk to small business owners just like you, I see one thing we all have in common.  We're driven.  We want our business to be a success.  And we start to focus on number of clients, $ coming in, and how we can attract new business. 

But you and I got into business to serve others.  To help them with the skills we have.  To streamline their processes.  And sometimes, we need to remember that we're serving people not just trying to get them to buy something.

That, combined with the idea that a website visitor is not ready to buy or engage until their fourth visit, means we need to keep supplying valuable content that keeps them coming back for more.  This can be blog posts, newsletters, or helpful links for your industry. 

Once we get our website up and running.  We need to keep the content fresh. 

Mobile Optimization

What is mobile optimization?  It's making sure your site changes and still looks good when someone looks at your site from their smart phone or tablet. 

You can see the difference when you pull up your website from your smart phone.  A mobile optimized site is easy to navigate and looks full size. One that is not gets really small and tiny.  It's hard to read and your potential clients will probably not stay and engage. 

Why is this so important?  Check your current stats.  Over 50% of my site visitors access it from a mobile device.  That's worth the effort to make it work for them.  It's worth the effort for you too! 

If we want our website visitors to engage with our business, these problems can be avoided.  Get clear on what you do.  Provide valuable information that serves your client base.  And make sure your site looks great on mobile. 

What have you found helpful in building your first website?  I'd love to hear from you!