Social Media Tools to Streamline Your Strategy

When it comes to social media, some of us are naturals and some of us work at it.  We work hard at it.  And we have questions.  Questions like what do I post as a business owner?  How often should I post?  Which platforms are best for me?  

The questions are endless.  And the most important one of all.  How do I make time for social media? 

I hear you and I'm with you.  As a small business owner myself, I know that it is hard to find the time to post, know where to post, and how to post.  

The quick answer is post as often as you can and pick one platform and master it first.  Don't try to be a master of all platforms, just one.  And the one should focus on the place where your key demographic hangs out.  Where do the people you are selling to spend their time on social media?  Then post there. 

With the rise of social media for business comes some very smart people who have developed some great tools to help you and I streamline our social media process. 

Downloadable Strategy Worksheets

While doing some research for my own consulting in the social media area, I came across several free downloadable planning calendars for social media and blogging.  I came across one that suggests using a theme for each month on social media and blogging and planning from there.  For more details on this particular worksheet, click here.

Otherwise, create your own calendar in outlook of Google.  Your planning should include your own blog posts, relevant articles from others, and graphics. 

Easy Graphic Websites

One of the challenging things about blogging and social media is finding graphics that are not only relevant to your topic but look good when posting.  I personally use  Canva to create sharp graphics to share on social media. Canva has preloaded templates, great quality photos and lettering to choose from, and is simple easy to use. 

A second option is Pic Monkey which is similar in concept to Canva but also a great resource.  Both offer a free version and an upgrade for more selections. 

Social Media Scheduling Sites

Once you're ready to implement your social media strategy, consider subscribing to a social media scheduling site.  These sites offer a range of services but typically offer the capability of preloading your posts, scheduling across multiple social media accounts, and some offer suggestions on articles you could post on your current topics.  To get started, look into Hootsuite, Meet Edgar, and Buffer

Regardless of how you choose to approach social media, executing your strategy will take some time.  Depending on how you work, plan on setting aside 1-2 hours per week or a 1/2 day monthly planning time to plot out your strategy and get things done.  As you steamline with the tools listed above, planning will get easier, and your posts will improve.  

Still feel stuck on how to get started?  Consider booking a Social Media Planning Strategy Session with me which includes setting your first month's plan in place.