Social Media Post Ideas

What is your social media strategy?  How do you know what to post?  And how do you find post ideas that drive engagement and traffic to your website?  All good questions...

If you are anything like me, I joined the social media bandwagon a little late.  When I started my businesses, I knew I should be leveraging social media to build relationships with potential clients and raise awareness of my brands.  The ideas for posting, however, were hard to come by.  

So most days, I sat in front of my business pages thinking of ways to be clever and engaging on social media. 

As I've dipped my toe in and gotten familiar with posting on social media, I've developed strategies  and content ideas for helping me feel confident in putting my business out there in ways that help my clients and engage with new friends.  Check out the ideas below when you're stumped on your own social media content. 

Blog Posts

This is probably a no brainer - but always post your blog posts on your social media pages.  This is a great way to not only deliver great educational content to your clients on your field of business.  But also helps you build brand awareness and lets others get to know you and your business. 

Tips & Insights

Every post doesn't need to be an article.  Tips and insights are a great way to deliver great content to your audience that will help them in their own life situations or needs and also help them understand how you hope to serve them in the future.  Tips and insights are always a super easy quick post as you know your industry and could come up with some quick tips for anyone you are seeking to help. 

Behind The Scenes

Give your people a behind the scenes look at your home life or your business.  This can be video or pictures.  It helps your audience see you as normal and just like them and encourages them that when life is crazy for you in your business, it's okay for it to be crazy for them too! 

Share Something Personal

This can be something you're learning, a family event, or anything in between.  Sharing something personal will humanize you to those who don't know you personally and, quite possibly, make them want to engage with you and your business even more. 

Tutorials or How To's

Your audience is dialed into you because you have knowledge they don't have.  Share your knowledge with a quick and easy tutorial video or a step-by-step how-to on something in your industry.  Content that helps your potential client will keep them coming back and engaged, and in the end, draw them into the paid version of your content when you can be helpful on social media. 


Interview other experts in your field or experts related to your field.  Drawing in people with a slightly different specialty helps your community of people learn more from another expert and help you deliver content they can use.  For example, I'm a follower of the Perpetual Traffic Podcast by Digital Marketer.  They specialize in Facebook ads and helping their listeners learn strategies around developing perpetual digital ad traffic.  Recently, they interviewed Amy Porterfield who specializes in social media.  It was a win-win and I loved hearing all those experts in one place.  

A Fun Experience

Whether it's a trip to the zoo or participating in a fun conference, this is a great way to help your people get a sneak peek into your life and your business.  The people you are serving like to have fun and like to see you having fun too!

There you have it!  Seven post ideas.  Feel free to have fun and think outside of the box.  Write some.  Utilize some of the fun live video apps like Facebook Live or Periscope.  And watch as you develop a strategy that works for you and meets the needs of your community.