Three Simple Steps to Jumpstart Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

I just got back from a conference in Phoenix.  Other than the fact that this Minnesota girl was melting, it was a great trip to rub shoulders with other business owners and to learn from people who have become virtual mentors as I follow them on social media. 

I don't know about you, but as a small business owner, I struggle with getting it all done.  Managing my business.  Marketing my business. Helping my clients.  It's enough to make me feel like I'm drowning. 

One of those areas that can start to feel overwhelming is the area of social media marketing.  How do you get started?  Where do you get started?  How can you make it effective? 

All that to say, that one of my favorite talks at this conference was by Amy Porterfield, a social media marketing expert.  It's always a relief when we can break down a marketing practice into simple steps.  

In her keynote, she shared three simple steps to jump start your social media marketing...

Know Your Ideal Customer

To be honest, if there's anything some of us like to skip out on when it comes to developing our business and marketing plans, it's this one.  We love to talk about the story of why we started our business and all the services we offer, but it takes some work to discover who our ideal customer is, what their pain points are, and what kinds of things will be helpful to them as we introduce ourselves to them on social media. 

Amy told the story of a friend of hers who started a branding and marketing company.  She has built a social media platform where tens of thousands are following and getting inspiration from her.  Amy asked her how she was doing it.  Her answer was that she talks to Elle - a name she created for her ideal customer.  She knew who Elle was, what her needs were, and even fun stuff she liked to see on social media.  

You and I need to do the same if we plan to be successful in marketing on social media platforms.  

Create Original Content

Content is information.  And creating original content should serve your ideal customer with out always being about the product you are selling.  Three qualities of great content, according to Amy: 

  • Inspire your ideal client
  • Educate your client
    • Invite your client to further engage with you

Ideas for content include blog posts, how-to videos or tutorials, and lists of tips and insights.  Once you've gotten clear on your ideal customer, this part should come easy as you develop posts.  Get creative and have fun with it. 

Ignite Action

One of the most interesting statistics that Amy shared was about your website visitors. 

98% of visitors to your website are not ready to buy on the first visit
— Amy Porterfield

That's right.  Your website is more about developing a relationship with your future clients than making a first time sale. And because of this, you want to give your website visitors a reason to come back - again and again. 

What does that mean for igniting action?  It means that the action you want them to take on that first visit might be all about list building.  You want to create a space for first-time visitors to start a relationship with your company and your product.  You want to offer a space for them to sign on to get more information from you - newsletters, blog posts, or other original content you are creating.  

From there, you can start building a sales process for your product.  

According to her talk, the key question to ask yourself is this:  What does your ideal audience need to experience, be aware of, or believe in order to want or need your product?  

It's a good question and one you and I need to answer before we even get started with marketing on social media.